Company profile

HIGRACON d.o.o. Sarajevo is established as a limited liability company and is licensed by the Bosnia and Herzegovina Federal Ministry of Physical Planning. The Company is specialized in engineering, design and management consultancy.

Creating value for our clients is a fundamental part of HIGRACON’s principles. We are committed to ensuring that every client and every project gets full value for their investment, both in meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations.

Working with our client’s engineers we will guarantee an efficient use of economic resources, full evaluation of design options and operating parameters, thereby minimizing downside risks, and flexible solutions for your engineering needs.


Fields of activity

We provide engineering and consulting services for projects on the principle of turn-key; our professional capabilities cover all kinds of hydrotechnical projects that include:

• Sewage and storm sewage systems

• Water treatment plants

• Water supply system

• Numerical modelling of water supply systems,

• Design of projects of existing water supply systems

• Designating losses in the system according to the principle of numerical modelling,

• Recovery of losses in the system

• River engineering and flood control


HIGRACON operates as a multi-disciplinary engineering company and provides engineering and consulting services which cover the complete range from project preparation to commissioning. This includes:

• Feasibility studies,                                            

• Project concepts,

• Approval and detailed design,

• Tender preparation,

• Construction supervision,      

• Assembly and commissioning,

• Operational consulting,

• Project management


HIGRACON d.o.o. completes its service by guaranteeing that technical and operational excellence will be delivered to the client, including construction on turn-key conditions of energy facilities:

• Hydro power plant (large and small) and                               

• Engineering on the field of Wind-energy,

• Solar energy         



A wide range of specialist fields expands the range of HIGRACON services. Our engineers specializing in related fields are available to provide an interdisciplinary approach  to planning, design and consulting services. Our experienced and dynamic professionals are committed to provide our clients with quality, full engineering solutions/services. Client satisfaction is the most important measure of quality; we will always strive to exceed our clients’ quality expectations.

In accordance with the requirements we can provide experts for the following areas:

- Geology, geotechnics and seismology

- Graduate civil engineer – hydrology

- Graduate civil engineer – structural engineering

- Graduate Mechanical Engineer – Expert in hydromechanical equipment

- Graduate Mechanical Engineer – Expert in mechanical equipment

- Electrical engineer – electrical equipment and connection to the power system

- Quality control, protection and metering equipment

- Dr. sc. B.Sc. in Chemistry

- Dr. sc. Technological sciences


The following table contains statistics on our staff:

Average manpower

Previous year

Last year

This year

Permanent staff




Other staff




• In HIGRACON d.o.o. there is no place for services of average or medium-quality. We are fully aware that only high quality furthers our success on the market,

• Dedication to continuous improvement is paramount to providing services of the highest quality,

• HIGRACON’s activities focus on the development of complex and technically optimised project solutions, which are characterised by economic efficiency, environmental compatibility and innovation,

• The technical and research oriented skills of our staff enable a unique approach to the analysis and design of solutions to hydrotechnical engineering problems,

• The experience and expertise of our team enable HIGRACON to work on any assignments of various complexities related to the design, construction and maintenance of any type of hydrotechnical projects. Likewise, we possess all required knowledge of hydrological conditions of every region in Bosnia and Herzegovina

• Our work demonstrates our commitment to efficiency, clarity, and the highest technical and ethical standards. We aim to provide top-level hydrotechnical engineering services and products at prices that reflect the best possible value for our clients.

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